About Us

Quick FACTS to help you get to know Pharmacorr better. 

Customer BENEFITS to help you imagine what it will be like to work together.

FACT: We are licensed in 45 states and have had zero license infractions. Ever.
BENEFIT: Our integrity has been demonstrated and verified.

FACT: In our 27+ years as an institutional pharmacy, we have cared for more than two
million patient lives in 10+ Department of Corrections and Jail systems in 7+ states.
BENEFIT:  We understand the unique challenges of Corrections pharmacy, so you can
trust in our experience and proven performance.

FACT: Our state-of-the-art facility has enabled centralized filling of more than 75 million
prescriptions, 20,000 daily, at a 99.8% error-free fill rate and 99.5% same-day fill rate.
BENEFIT: You will not need to sweat the logistics. We have the operations down pat,
which enables us to add value beyond the basics.

FACT: Pharmacorr is centrally located in Oklahoma City, with a vast network of backup
BENEFIT: Customers can rely upon timely and accurate first-fill capabilities, wherever
they are across the country.

FACT: We are one of the only pharmacies that measures, tracks, and reports transparently.
BENEFIT: In addition to proactive regular reporting, you’ll get dynamic access to track
costs, medications, and all key metrics that matter.

Pharmacorr Leadership Team

Adam Curling, DPh

Vice President of Pharmacy Operations

Adam has 24 years of experience in correctional pharmaceutical services, providing direction and leadership to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and support personnel, while directing medication management workflows. Adam develops and implements policies and procedures for effective pharmacy management, and assesses safety procedures and federal regulations to maintain pharmacy compliance.

Patrick Corbin, DPh

Sr. Director of Pharmacy Informatics

Patrick Corbin is a pharmacist with over 27 years of experience in pharmacy automation, data mining and data analysis, and over 37 years in computer software development. He understands the clinical team's needs and provides pharmacy reports to drive decision-making. He is an expert communicator who loves working closely with staff, administrators, and healthcare professionals to provide cost-effective treatment and quality outcomes.

Tammy Schmidt, DPh

Director of Purchasing

Tammy has over 26 years of pharmacy experience including correctional and retail pharmacy, purchasing, and wholesale distribution. Tammy specializes in product procurement and supervises and reviews all aspects of drug distribution and storage within the pharmacy. Tammy is detail oriented and passionate about inventory management. As a pharmacist herself, she directs the team in delivering excellence in pharmacy care, diverse product selections and highly competitive pricing.

Mark Moyers, R.Ph, CCHP

Sr. Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services

Mark has nearly three decades of clinical pharmacy experience including retail, hospital, LTC, and 16 years of experience in correctional pharmacy. He has been successful in collaborating with chief medical officers and regional medical directors to enable quality health care for inmates. Mark provides oversight of Pharmacorr’s clinical pharmacist team, managing our unique portfolio of best practice correctional pharmacy clinical programs and client contracts across the country.

Dawn Mustain, PharmD, AAHIVP

Clinical Pharmacy Intervention Program Manager

Dawn has 26 years of correctional pharmacy experience. Excelling in non-formulary medication review and clinical interventions, she works closely with providers to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes for patients. As part of the clinical team, Dawn has contributed to successfully saving our partners over $55 million in unnecessary medication cost over the last 13 years.   

Katherine Haviland, PharmD, BCMTMS, CCHP

Clinical Pharmacy Manager

Katherine has six years of correctional pharmacy experience with a background in LTC and community pharmacy. Her efforts to expand our most advanced clinical services to a DOC partner yielded a sevenfold increase in their cost avoidance. Working alongside the clinical team to optimize therapeutic outcomes, over 150,000 orders have been reviewed for clinical interventions in the last two years.

Mario Nunez Lozano, PharmD

Director of Pharmacy Operations and IT

Mario has 10 years of correctional pharmacy experience, working with clinical, operations, and IT teams. As the Director of Pharmacy Operations and IT, he facilitates effective pharmacy workflow, maintains efficiency of personnel and staffing, and develops/maintains pharmacy integrations.  Mario leads pharmacy operations, develops technological efficiencies and integrations, and implements pharmacy support staff educational programs to elevate the practice of pharmacy.

Value-Add Services

Our OneTeamSM Model of integrated collaboration with medical services and client teams is designed to ensure that we make our clients’ lives easier and positively impact the wellness of the inmate population. All while serving the stakeholders in a fiscally responsible manner.