Value-Add Services

Best Practice Clinical Services

Pharmacorr’s OneTeamSM Model of integrated collaboration with medical services and client teams is designed to ensure that we make our clients’ lives easier and positively impact inmate wellness. We do so while serving stakeholders in a fiscally responsible manner.

In practical terms, we provide value through prospective guidance rather than retrospective review. We believe this is the essence of leading-edge clinical pharmacist services. Whereas many pharmacies take a hands-off approach by filling every non-formulary order without clinical evaluation, our precision clinical approach illustrates how a truly integrated pharmacy partner engages.

Pharmacorr serves as stewards of our stakeholders’ financial and care priorities in four key areas.

Improved Patient Care

Pharmacorr advocates for enhancements that improve patient care. We go beyond the fundamentals to leverage our deep experience and values gained from our 26-year history serving corrections. Three ways our services improve patient care:

  1. Multi-step review processes
  2. Pharmacy integration with medical care
  3. Leveraging dynamic data
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Greater Patient Safety

With patient safety as the backbone, our clinical programs were designed to solve different problems. Our clinical pharmacy team's board certifications qualify our pharmacists to contribute at advanced practice levels. Three ways we positively impact patient safety:

  1. Following evidence-based medicine
  2. Correcting medication-related problems
  3. Treating patients on an individual level
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Decreased Cost

We are successful in lowering drug costs for our partners because we take an active approach to ensure patients are on the right therapy, as determined by three primary goals:

  1. Safe patient therapies
  2. Efficacious, clinically appropriate therapies
  3. Pharmaceutical management optimized to control costs
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Market Responsiveness

Pharmacorr has established best practices in clinical management that enable us to flexibly respond to market dynamics in three substantial ways:

  1. Adjusting to price fluctuations
  2. Watching for generic releases
  3. Addressing supply interruptions
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