Transforming pharmacy partnerships

through our culture of relationship transparency, precision clinical teamwork, and investments in technology.

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Partnership is

A Pharmacorr partnership goes beyond the fundamentals of on-time, accurate delivery at a competitive price. The Pharmacorr model is a OneTeamSM approach that is built upon:

  • relationship transparency

  • precision clinical teamwork

  • technology investment

Whereas a vendor merely fills orders, a partner thinks in terms of how their clients benefit. We are constantly striving to align our interests with those of our Corrections partners.


We commit to transparency in pricing and performance. We strive to take the “noise” out of pricing and align to our clients’ metrics.

We commit to partnering with integrity, which means ours are “hard costs” that result in predictable budgeting, rather than “soft costs” which can be subject to indirect, manipulative techniques that drive up costs. 

Precision Clinical

Each clinical pharmacy service is optimized to deliver against our clients’ priorities. We saved DOC and jail clients over $22MM in 2020 and 2021 alone and more than $56MM since 2009. As part of all client partnerships, we will quantify the savings resulting from our expert clinical pharmacy intervention.


We invest in end-to-end technology that reduces staffing costs, provides meaningful reporting, reduces inventory loss, and improves safety and accuracy.