End-to-End Technology Investment

We invest in end-to-end technology that reduces staffing costs, provides meaningful reporting, reduces inventory loss, and improves patient safety and accuracy.

Inbound Processing: Prescription receipt and patient management; internal data processing; customer access.

Clinical Management: Formulary and non-formulary review; prescription processing.

Outbound Processing: Records management; prescription filling; prescription packaging.

With dynamic management reporting, we help control staffing and drug costs, reduce inventory loss, and make our clients’ lives easier.

Transparent Management Reporting System

Pharmacorr Technologies

MedRoom: Accessible 24X7X365 via web. Print MAR on site. Track meds real-time via UPS.  Order stock medications. Simple return of unused medications.

CorTrack: Immediate notification and easy resolution of pharmacy errors. Image upload. Transparent tracking and monthly reporting.

Tableau: Dynamic access to all key cost, safety, and budget metrics. Standard and customized reports.